Guide: Collect Your First Bitcoin

Step-by-step How-to for Beginners


  1. Obtain wallet
  2. Obtain microwallet
  3. Register for faucets
  4. Collect fractional coins from faucets
  5. Transfer to your wallet

Obtain wallet

We recommend Coinbase for your wallet. You'll need to create an account, verify your email address, then click on "Accounts" to view your Bitcoin receiving address.

Click here to go to Coinbase

Obtain microwallet

Each faucet has its own requirements for collecting coins. Most require the use of a microwallet to store your coins until you've reached a certain amount. This amount varies, and is required to minimize transactional costs. For this guide, you'll need a microwallet.

Click here to go to Faucetpay

Register and Collect from Faucet

In this example, you'll need to register at to collect your Bitcoins.

Click here to go to

For more faucets to collect from, see our list of top paying faucets by clicking this link.

Transfer to your Wallet

Once you've reached the required threshold, you can transfer your coins to your personal wallet at Coinbase.